Here’s How You Can Save Yemen – Shamayun Miah

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It’s no doubt that Yemen is at a breaking point as it fights the biggest humanitarian crisis ever. The Yemeni have been denied their fundamental human rights as they continue to run into exile, compete for barely available resources, and hide from the gruesome attacks on them.

The Yemeni have been in dire anguish for the past six years. They have been victims of mass murder based on political tussle. They have watched their own family get killed, die of infections and diseases for a cause they are completely oblivious about.

According to a report by Shamayun Miah on the effects of the crisis on Yemeni; Children die every day from malnutrition and curable diseases. The surge of covid-19 cases in the region has augmented the death toll of the Yemeni but still, it isn’t one of their biggest problems at the moment. The outbreak of cholera and dysentery is claiming more lives as the days go by. Schools and hospitals have been shut down leaving the children of Yemen to roam the streets with the hope of a brighter tomorrow getting dim.

The United Nations and its partners have been dedicated to providing critical humanitarian and development assistance. In 2018, the UN pleaded for help from its resident and non-resident agencies to raise $3 Billion to aid the crisis in Yemen, though it fell short of this number.

You and I are the hope that the children of Yemen need. Let us help them shine their light.

Shamayun Miah and a group of cyclers recently did a London to Brighton Charity Ride for the Children of Yemen. They traveled about 102 kilometers and successfully surpassed their intended fundraising target. They raised a total of £7,500 for the course. This might seem small compared to the billions supplied by international bodies, but let’s keep in mind that this was raised from an even smaller group compared to the billions of people around the world. Let’s join hands and fight for the Yemeni. There are a lot of charity organizations out there. Get involved in as many as you can. It’s your time to be the hero without a cape for Yemen.