The Worsening Situation in Yemen and How We Can Help:

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Yemen is a country caught in the middle of a crisis that has no end in sight. Major humanitarian organizations have called for an urgent response to the developing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
Though the situation in Yemen has been getting worse with each passing day, the United States has been failing to take a leading role in securing humanitarian aid to the region. The Arab world, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments, the European Union, and other countries have increased their efforts to help Yemen. However, the resources that have reached the individuals who are in need are insufficient.
Millions of children will die and loved ones will lose friends and family in this ongoing war in Yemen. These are the Yemen Crisis’s heartbreaking realities for millions of children, families, and communities. Today, the people and all countries, especially the developed countries, need to wake up. They must unite and re-focus on the ongoing crisis in Yemen.
Citizens have been under attack for years and have been under siege for years with a relentless Saudi-led campaign of airstrikes and economic blockade imposed by a coalition of Gulf countries. Similarly, we see that the crisis is only worsening, and the humanitarian aid is not getting into the country.
Also, the country is on the brink of famine. Governments must take immediate action to save the lives of Yemeni children and people in general. Some government-led steps could include grants, investments, and monetary donations.
In Yemen, especially in the three most affected governorates, there are currently almost no humanitarian services.
Besides, we need to support the people there. We cannot and should not ignore what is happening in Yemen. If you feel compelled, please consider donating and helping the people of Yemen. Yemen is facing the most urgent crisis the world has faced. The recent pandemic has worsened the situation in Yemen.
The COVID-19 pandemic in Yemen continues to wreak havoc for the health care services of the country. Yemen health delivery systems have been devastated by the combined impact of the war and the COVID-19 epidemic. You can make a difference in the lives of the young children and women of Yemen by getting involved and donating.
This blog has no political aims but is only to highlight how the people in Yemen are suffering and why they need our help urgently.

Shamayun Miah