Digital Reinvention of Traditional Banks to Fintech

– The potential of new technologies to change the way banks and other organizations do business is at the heart of much of the Fintech excitement. Fintech stands for Financial Technology, Financial Services and Business. In my opinion, its purpose is to reduce costs and remove barriers to entry, so that financial services are more […]

Will Robots Take Our Jobs When We Graduate

– We spoke with Shamayun Miah, a Management Consultant and leading technology expert on automation, Robotics, Cloud and AI. That’s what Shamayun Miah said. If I were a recent college graduate, I couldn’t help but worry about automation and how artificial intelligence, ML, and robotics could dramatically affect my future.    The rapid digitization of […]

Discussion with Shamayun Miah about The Rohingya Crisis

– London-based Shamayun Miah Management Consultant and Tech Leader has been involved in charitable activities in Bangladesh for ten years, helping local communities build drinking water infrastructure.  Myanmar    The Union of Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. The country is located in Southeast Asia. Myanmar borders the northwest with Bangladesh and India. Myanmar has […]