Why Sustainability & Environment Makes Business Sense and Should Be Part of Our Leadership DNA

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Shamayun Miah explains why caring for people, their communities and the environment is good business. It’s been a long time since we said ‘profit comes first’. We all know how much the public has lost trust in many of our businesses, including those who say they care. Profits can only be achieved through sustainable practices that provide long-term value to all stakeholders. London-based Shamayun Miah Management Consultant and tech industry leader strongly believes we need to take a clear and visible approach to demonstrate the value we create by caring for people and the planet. Miah goes on to explain that we must seek opportunities to work with partners, governments and NGOs in ways that benefit everyone.

Shamayun Miah says that while we are in an era of rapid technology development, we are already in the ‘Age of Sustainability’. We can use these opportunities for business growth only if our leadership teams understand the fundamentals and are prepared to lead by example.  

Today, Shamayun Miah argues, it’s easier to show that doing good can yield tangible business benefits. Compared to other narrow definitions of value creation or a special focus on shareholders, it is useful to take a ‘triple results’ approach to evaluating success that includes financial returns. It’s not just about being good anymore; is now a requirement for long-term success. Miah explains that if businesses aren’t seen as a beacon of hope in these areas, customers will go elsewhere.

Shamayun Miah states that creating shared value that goes beyond philanthropy requires a shift to a culture where sustainability and the environment are at the core of our company’s leadership DNA. Businesses can build long-term employee and customer loyalty and brand equity by creating a better world in which we live.

In addition to increased efficiency and productivity, we can increase profitability by reducing costs such as waste.   

Shamayun Miah claims that leadership, values, ​​and culture are the keys to future success. He truly believes investing in our core mission of caring for people and protecting the planet is a very good investment. We need to focus more on brands and differentiation from competitors, the way we demonstrate the value of our business to investors, and a relentless effort to innovate and reinvent the industry. Shamayun Miah believes we should be proud of any company that can prove its success because it cares about people and the planet. The businesses that show the greatest commitment to sustainable practices will ultimately be those that provide truly long-term value for all stakeholders.

by Shamayun Miah using open-source AI application