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What It Takes To Get Promoted, Blog

Moving up the career ladder can be intimidating and stressful.  Shamayun Miah is a senior executive with extensive management consulting expertise in the technology sector.  He shared his insight into what it takes to get promoted. The full blog can be found here Link  Below is a machine generated summary of the article. 

You must do a range of tasks if you wish to develop in your career.  At times, it’s about taking on extra responsibilities at work.  Be aware that promotions are not always based only on merits alone.  Politics has an impact on many company cultures, so approach with caution.

Shamayun Miah offers the following advice to help you advance in your career:

It’s easy to get into a situation where promotion consumes all of your attention.  When there are so many things you want to accomplish in your work, it’s easy to lose focus.  Try not to care about what will happen next; concentrate on the task at hand.  Those that stay focused on the task at hand and do it correctly progress the fastest.

Promotions are about taking on more responsibilities and expanding capabilities.  If you’re asking for a promotion, make sure it’s a win-win situation for both you and your employer.  The key is to set your career ambitions with your management upfront and agree goals.

We asked him what concrete steps can you take to get ahead in your career and get that promotion.

  1. Give more value than you receive.

According to Shamayun Miah, Just because you’ve worked for a company for a long time doesn’t mean you’re entitled to a promotion.  To get that promotion, you must bring value to your company.  Adding value to your colleagues and clients is a great strategy to acquire what you desire.

  1. Propose a new idea or initiative.

Look for ways to make a difference where you can.  Proposing a new venture or idea demonstrates initiative and a willingness to go above and beyond.  Make a name for yourself with your brand!  You will be happier if you achieve small victories

  1. Observe the promoted ones.

Observe the newly promoted coworkers?  What do they do differently than you?  Find out what makes them successful and strive to follow in their footsteps.

  1. Ask for feedback and suggestions.

It’s challenging to ask for opinions and suggestions, especially when people don’t believe in their abilities.  Requesting genuine feedback and ideas, on the other hand, has the advantage of helping one to learn what your manager and colleagues think of them.

  1. Be a team player.

Being a team player indicates your willingness to put the team first and contribute to the company.  It also strengthens ties and promotes a pleasant working environment.  For any business or company, teamwork is essential, and it should be one of your core values.

  1. Strong work ethic. 

Successful people have put in a lot of effort to get to where they are.  You must be willing to work hard and put in the time necessary to advance up the corporate ladder.

  1. Be open to feedback and criticism.

Being open to constructive criticism is a great approach to improve and learn from your mistakes.  Recognising your flaws is the first step toward overcoming them.  Your attitude will demonstrate your strength to your boss and may position you for the next big job.

  1. Motivate yourself.

If you want to advance in your career, you must be motivated.  Find ways to motivate yourself and keep your energy levels up.  According to Shamayun Miah, some people get inspiration in their work, while others find it in their family or friends.  Study successful people and try to be like them.